Bodhi Medicine Live Training
Part 2

This Training includes: 
Part 1, 2 and 4 of the Awareness Online Courses and much more!:
In this 3 to 5 day module you will deepen your understanding of your body and health from this new Conscious Approach. You will go deeper into the 5 Biological Laws, learning new Biological programs, clearing out and receiving support on personal issues or experiences around health from this new perspective since you have learnt the principles of BM. 
This module includes the 4th part of the Online Course.
The main focus of this Level 2 of BM is to discover from this new perspective what Psychological Diseases really are (in BM called Brain Constellations), such as:
- Depression.
- Dementias.
- Alzheimer.
- Sensitive, auditory or visual halucinations.
- Aggressive behaviors.
- Anti-social behaviors.
- Suicide attempts.
- Megalomania.
- Casanova and nymphomaniac patterns.
- ADD.
- Obsesive-Compulsive disorder.
- Mythomania.
- Panic attacks. 
- Autism. 
- Anorexia. 
- Bulimia. 
- Maniac Depressive Disorder (or Bipolar Disorder).
- And others.
You will understand why the body creates these changes in our behavior and personality, and how it makes total sense to behave like this in the unique situations in life that trigger it.
You will understand why people having strong psychological or psychiatric symptoms, have a unique correlation with strong situations in early life with both caretakers (father and mother figures). And which therapeutic methods can support to stabilize that.
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