Bodhi Medicine Live Training
Part 1

The Bodhi Medicine Live Training Part 1 includes:
Parts 1, 2 & 3 of the Awareness Online course and much more!:
a) The 5 Biological Laws of Germanic New Medicine.
b) The 3 conditions that need to be present to cause any disease or imbalance in the human body.
c) The single most important thing that any human being can do to prevent disease that no doctor ever says to his patients.
d) The 3 emotions we go through before returning to a state of love and wellbeing.
e) The physiological process the body, mind and heart go through, after a shocking or traumatic experience and how the body does everything it can to bring us back to harmony.
f) The simple and clear understanding of why more than 90% of symptoms appear in the body after a period of intense stress.
g) Different Meditation techniques and emotional expression that help the body to return to harmony, peacefulness and establish a natural connection with our inner voice or intuition.
h) Specific communication skills that allow us to express things that cause blockages or dis-ease in our body.
i) How to start connecting with our body in our daily life and be more aware of what it really needs to be healthy.
j) The beauty and harmony of our internal and external eco-systems.
k) How any symptom or Dis-ease has a specific biological purpose in our life and with awareness we can learn from it and evolve with it.

Once you learn and experience these essential universal principles you will have a totally new understanding on common concepts around health like: 

- What causes a flu, cough, sore throat or other inflammatory processes in the body.
- The 3 main causes of weight gain, which have nothing to do with what we eat.
- What causes vomiting or diarrhea.
- What Cancer really is and how to approach it in a holistic way.
- What does physical pain have to say to us according to its place in the body.
- What is the role of microorganisms in our body. Do contagious diseases really exist?
- What is a healing crisis?
- The common symptoms that appear during a Sympathetic and a Parasympathetic state in the body.
- What causes allergies in the body and how to eliminate them naturally.
- What causes psychological diseases.
- What causes Chronic symptoms and how they can end
- When and how we can be supported by alternative therapies & when do we really need medications.

This is a theoretical & experiential workshop where you can re-learn the language of your body and clear out many limiting and stressful beliefs around health. It is absolutely scientific and understandable for anybody (you don´t need any previous training in the health area). 
You will be able to understand and experience consciously the bridge between the mind, emotions and the physical body, bringing you a new relaxation, independence & trust in our body.

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