SATORI Awareness Intensive retreat
in Greece

If you want to be friends with yourself, learn to love yourself, and develop an intimate relationship with yourself this is the retreat for you.The method we use is self-inquiry together with others. It‘s simple, effective, and straight to the core of experiencing yourself directly, your inner goodness, creativity, and innate joy.
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SATORI is a 7-day Awareness Intensive Retreat
With Nirdosh and Pramod
At Osho Afroz Meditation Center, Less island, Greece
5th to 12th May 2022

Self-inquiry guides you into being present in the moment and cuts the identification with the past.
Self-inquiry means being so present in the here/now that A DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF ONESELF AND REALITY becomes possible, fresh and alive, free of the filters of conditioning.
The aim of this retreat is to have this DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF BEING, an experience of AWAKENING, an experience of NO-MIND.
It is a radical, honest, open, and compassionate inquiry using existential Koans like: “Who am I?, Who is in?, What is Life?, What is Love?” and others.
Satori is not therapy – though it is very therapeutic – and doesn’t have the goal of finding temporary solutions to daily problems but finding THE solution. 
Satori aims to dissolve the identification with the ego, which is the sole cause of all problems; in fact, identification is the ONLY problem.
It requires courage to face yourself in your totality and dare to let go of what you don’t need anymore, of old beliefs, habits, and concepts and live according to your own understanding.
The Satori retreat taking place in Osho Afroz in November is one of the most powerful opportunities for self-discovery.
It will take place from May 5th (6:00 pm) to 12th (5:00 pm)
Please plan your journey to arrive on the 5th and check-in by 5 pm.
Cost of the Satori: 480 Euro

Cost of the accommodation (including 3 meals a day):

• Dormitory with shared bathroom: 30 Euro per day (Total for 7 days: 210 Euro)
• Shared room (2 people): 40 Euro per day (Total for 7 days: 280 Euro)
• Single room: 50 Euro per day (Total for 7 days: 350 Euro)

To help the process there will be active meditations, helpful insights from Osho, and moments for rest and integration.
Nirdosh and Pramod meet with each participant throughout, to give individual support to each person in the course of their personal journey.

The group will be a residential retreat in silence and isolation. This means that during the 7 days we will be in silence inside the meditation center and you will not have contact with the outside world (no phone or internet).We will provide a phone number to you in case of emergency for people to contact us.
Speaking is used only while working with the Koans during the group sessions.

There will be no other activities in the meditation center during that time. This creates the best opportunity to go deeper within yourself.

For more information contact: 
Osho Afroz:
Whatsapp: +525526994376
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OSHO Afroz Meditation Center

OSHO Afroz is located on the south west coast of the Greek Island of Lesvos near the traditional village of Eressos. It is to be found hidden among the shady olive groves of the Psinia plain and is surrounded by impressive volcanic mountains.

Just 3 kilometers away lies the beach of Eressos, which is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the Aegean Archipelago. It is host to bars, tavernas, coffee shops, water sports, a small outdoor movie theater.

Further along there are quieter areas for those who seek solitude or naked bathing. Along the coastline are a variety of beaches that can be accessed by hired scooter, car or even a short walk.

Meditation, inner harmony, dance, celebration and creativity are abundant in OSHO Afroz.
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