Primal, Healing your Inner Child

A 7 day healing retreat to reconnect with your inner child and bring back creativity, joy and vitality into your adult life today!
1-7 March 2021
Tapalehui, Mexico
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"El curso en línea más empoderante para tu salud"
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  • Recover vitality in your day to day life.
  • Experience more creativity in your relationships and work.
  • Look at your family and your past with love and compassion.
  • Find your original voice, express it and go for what you really want in life.
  • Have a more authentic and conscious relationship with your partner.
  • Be able to raise your children in a more loving and natural way, allowing your mother of father instinct to guide you.
  • Let go of old fears, sadness and resentment that are not needed anymore in your present life
  • Recognize and allow the natural flow of emotions in different moments of your life.
  • Live again with lightness once you let go of the weight of the past.
  • Enjoy your life like never before!
To bring peace to your past and present life, it is first necessary to recognize the wounds of the past that makes us reactive and often unconscious in our behavior even now, as adults. It’s the child in us that still feels unheard, not respected and not loved. As the adults we are, we need to meet that child, embrace its wounds and allow full expression of the emotions that the child could not express. When the child is feeling seen and loved by us, the abundance of its essence, naturalness and energy will return in our lives, bringing a total transformation in the way we feel and live our life. Once the feeling of our own integrity is regained, a real shift can happen: we can look at ourselves and the people of our past in a new way, with compassion and a deep sense of humanity. We become truly free.
Primal is a beautiful 7 day retreat that has been designed scientifically, meditatively and with love to support people to go through a deep transformation in their lives. During the retreat you travel through time, to explore the difficult situations of the past that are still affecting the way you live and love today. It also takes you to those inspiring and beautiful moments that you lived by yourself and with others in which you might have felt loved, seen, heard and supported. When you reconnect with these imprints, they become immensely powerful resources for your adult life that start healing and transforming the situations that need it the most in the present. It is an alchemical process that relaxes your system and opens up a new future.
Most people who have experienced this transformative process say that life is one before, and another after Primal.
Bodhi Medicine offered me a deep connection with my mind and body, creating a new understanding of how life is organizing it-self in the most amazing way. A shift in my understanding that the symptoms are in most cases the first phase of healing released the tensions and offered me the relaxation so much needed for the body and mind to recover and heal even faster than usual.
Catalina Molnar
Coach, Facilitator
Bodhi Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws have allowed me to open and understand the world of emotions and the human psyche, their relationship to the cycle of health and disease, and how it´s all connected. For me a it was a Big Bang after 25 years of studying medicine... the puzzle is finally complete. A new path, a new intuition and a clear mission. I am deeply grateful forever for this new way of seeing life.
Luis Sierra Suarez
Orthopedist, Knee surgeon. Mexico City
Thank you very much for the Bodhi Medicine online course, I did in April. The understanding that it gives really changes the perception of "diseases" and the attitude of the processes in the body. I really enjoyed it. I can trust my body much more now and don't have fear. And I didn't have during this coronavirus situation.
Ksenya Muzhikovskaya
Meditation Leader, Kazan, Russia
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Nirdosh and Gulistan have been sharing Primal work around the world for the last 15 years. they actually offer Primal retreats in:

Osheanic International


Osheanic is an international meeting place for people interested to grow in love and awareness. Thirty minutes away from Fortaleza International Airport, it is located under the warm Brazilian sun and close to one of the most beautiful beaches of Ceará.



90 minutes from Mexico City, in the middle of luscious nature, next to a river, under mango trees, palm trees, its the ideal place for a retreat and reconnect with your inner child.

Hizr Camp


Inside the forest, up in Ida Mountain lays Hizir Camp, a beautiful and lovingly cared place with traditional Turkish food, tree houses, a river, pure air, and so much more...

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