Free webinar: Emotional balance during the pandemic

Dr. Nirdosh shines light into the real causes and solutions for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicide, alcoholism, domestic violence, and others.
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Dr. Nirdosh Kohra

 After he graduated as a Medical Doctor and took of on a life journey around the world to find the way to bridge Western and Eastern Medicine. He experienced and was trained in many Healing and transforming techniques in India, Tibet, Europe, USA and Mexico that led him to be the be a co-founder of Path of Meditation (2006), of the Conscious Nutrition Academy (2007) and to create the Bodhi Medicine Institute (2015). 
 He actually offers Awareness Intensive and Primal retreats, Active Meditation workshops, Men´s gatherings, Osho meditative therapies, Bodhi Medicine trainings, Osho No Mind Trainings around the world and runs a private holistic Medical practice in Mexico, Greece, Brazil and other places of Europe.
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