Would you like to Know and experience the most essential, scientific and integrative knowledge to take care of your health today?

Join Dr. Nirdosh Kohra in a journey that will bring you back to the essence of wellbeing. 
It will help you reconnect and understand the language of your body and take your health in your own hands. 
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Welcome to the Bodhi Medicine!

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Some friends that have been transformed by Bodhi Medicine around the world:

Gina Rangel

Chef, Mother, Life coach and Blogger
"These workshops have been without doubt some of my best experiences in life!
Every day I have been proving the efficiency of the teachings of Dr. Nirdosh kohra, they are perfect!
And in our home we don’t say anymore “we are sick”, now we say “we are healing pains”

Luis Sierra Suárez M.D.

Orthopedist, knee surgery specialist 
"Bodhi Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws have allowed me to open and understand the world of emotions and the human psyche, their relationship to the cycle of health and disease, and how it´s all connected.
For me a it was a Big Bang after 25 years of studying medicine... the puzzle if finally complete.
A new path, a new intuition and a clear mission. 
I am deeply grateful forever for this new way of seeing life."

Anam Kat

Bodyworker and breath therapist
"Its a whole shift in terms of thinking what is disease, what causes disease, how to treat or not to treat disease. And it´s presented in a way that is easy to follow and digest."
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