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About Dr. Nirdosh and Bodhi Medicine

After finishing medical school top of his class and practicing Conventional Medicine out on the field, Dr. Nirdosh found himself utterly frustrated with the limited way in which he could support his patients. Having already had his own experience with natural methods of healing, being vegetarian and a yoga teacher for some years, he decided to embark on a journey that would change his life forever.
After a few months traveling and searching for something or someone who would bring answers to him, he found himself up in the middle of the Himalayas, incapable of walking anymore, sick, with fever, severe tonsillitis and extreme fatigue that took him to a Tibetan hospital, where he had to stay for 2 weeks receiving traditional Tibetan medicine, where he partially recovered and then entered a Buddhist retreat up in a Tibetan monastery in Nepal. During this time in the Himalayas he constantly felt a deep calling inside his heart to go to India to a meditation center he had visited before. Not knowing why he had to go back, he listened to his heart and went back to India. There, during the following months he found what he had been looking for, a deep experience of how meditation, therapy and healing are all one. During that time he also met the love of his life (now his wife) and a group of seekers that until today support each other in their own healing journey and in finding new healing methods that can support each other and their patients.
Since then Dr. Nirdosh has experienced, learned and refined many ancient and modern healing techniques in different part of the world that have led him to create the Bodhi Medicine Institute, a uniquely integrative, scientific and revolutionary approach to therapy, self-healing and meditation. Today Dr. Nirdosh teaches Bodhi Medicine in North and South America, Europe and Asia and offers his trainings in person and online in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish.
Bodhi Medicine is a science that teaches what the human body is saying with any symptom or disease, allowing them to understand themselves and become more conscious and caring for their own body, their health and the people around them. It helps people to come out of the fear-based concept of disease and reconnect with their intrinsic trust and understanding of how the body heals itself from any condition, when we give it the right support. BM is an integrative approach that looks for the root cause of any symptom or disease including emotional, mental, physical, toxicological, energetic and spiritual situations and helps the patient find the way back to harmony and wellbeing.
The BM workshops and trainings teach solid principles that are a great support for any health care practitioner, such as bodyworkers, energy workers, nutritionists, psychologists, meditation leaders, traditional allopathic doctors or for anyone interested in knowing what their body is saying with each symptom and how to prevent dis-ease from occurring.
Everything that Dr. Nirdosh teaches is based on his personal experience throughout more than 20 years and extensive scientific research by Medical and Holistic doctors around the world.
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Dr. Nirdosh Kohra

Nirdosh was born in Mexico City, graduated as a Medical Doctor, traveled, experienced and trained himself in many healing and transforming techniques in India, Tibet, Europe, USA and Mexico that allowed him to create the International Bodhi Medicine Institute.
He works with diverse healing methods like TBM (Neurosomatic Rebalancing), GNM (Based on the 5 Biological Laws from Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer), Transomatic Dialogue, Reiki, Theta Healing, Conscious Nutrition, Detoxing, Meditative Therapies, Healing the inner child, Tantra and ancient body-mind healing methods, integrating the western and eastern approach to healing.

  • He is an Awareness Intensive Instructor (Who is in? / Satori).
  • Co-Founder of Path of Meditation (2006)
  • Co-founder of Conscious Nutrition Academy (2007).
  • Founder of Bodhi Medicine / Conscious Medicine (2015).
  • He offers Awareness Intensive and Primal retreats, Meditation retreats and trainings, Men´s gatherings, Osho meditative therapies, Bodhi Medicine trainings, Osho No Mind Trainings and runs a private Holistic Medical practice in Mexico, Greece, Brazil and other places of Europe.

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